Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney FL

Choosing the right Boca Raton personal injury attorney is important to the ultimate outcome of your case. When you’re injured and focused on healing, it is tempting to choose based on ads alone, but unfortunately, this is not the best way to select a lawyer. Asking the right questions helps you determine if the attorney you’re interviewing is the best one for you! 

1. How Much Experience Do You Have as a Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney Handling This Type of Case?

The term personal injury covers so many types of cases. Some categories are so specialized and detailed, you’ll want to be sure that your  personal injury lawyer is experienced in your specific type of case. This experience not only gives them knowledge, but means they have connections with other experts needed to get the best possible outcome. 

2. What Is Your Fee?

Most personal injury lawyers don’t charge a fee unless you get paid. But what you’ll want to find out is what percentage they charge when the case is settled. You’ll also need to find out how costs are handled. When are costs paid, and who is responsible for paying if the case is lost? These are important considerations when choosing a  personal injury attorney.

3. Do You Have Court Experience as a Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney?

Many cases are settled out of court, so some attorneys are more experienced in court trials than others. Finding out the attorney’s level of experience and confidence in a courtroom trial is essential if your case happens to go to court.

4. Who Will Be Working On My Case?

Typically, lawyers operate with a team of people like paralegals, junior associates, legal secretaries, and more. It is helpful to know who is going to be working on the case and be comfortable with the amount of work your lawyer will do versus the rest of the team.

The attorneys at SEM Law Group Law have the experience and dedication you need for your personal injury case. If you were hurt on the job, injured in a car accident, or otherwise hurt and in need of a Boca Raton personal injury attorney, call us today at 561-939-8042 for a consultation.