Are You in Need of Debt Defense?

Being sued, whether for failing to pay a contract, your mortgage, a credit card, or for products or services, is an extremely stressful experience particularly when you are being sued by an intimidating entity, like a financial institution. The attorneys filing the lawsuit against you may be intimidating in their own right, let alone their client as they have not been hired to help you, but rather for the interests of their own client. In these situations, you need to know you have competent, yet affordable, counsel that is experienced in dealing with these situations both in and out of Court.

SEM Law Group has represented clients on both sides of the case, plaintiffs and defendants, claimants and debtors, on countless matters and in numerous types of litigation.

Whether it is a credit card, foreclosure defense, eviction, small business litigation, big business litigation, promissory note claims, whatever your problem may be, our experienced team of attorneys are ready to assist you with competent advocacy and defense of your interests in Court.

The worst thing you can do in the event you have been sued is to not do anything. From the time of service of process of the summons and complaint, you have in accordance with Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, twenty (20) days to respond as the standard. If you fail to respond, a Judgment may be entered against you. At this time, the Plaintiff/creditor will have the ability to garnish your wages, garnish your bank accounts, seize your assets and sell them off by and through the Sheriff’s department.

Worst of all, Judgments last twenty (20) years, so even if you may not be doing well at this time, ten (10) years from now, the creditor still has the opportunity to collect the amounts granted by Judgment. Also, default judgments, which is what it is called when you fail to respond to an action filed against you, will result in the attorney’s ability to incorporate costs, attorney’s fee, and in some cases, what you thought you owed turns out to be much more.

SEM Law Group understands the economic restraints involved in defense work, which is why we offer several different retainer packages to meet your needs in defending actions filed against you.
Most reassuring is that your consultation is free; when you meet with us, we will tell you what you need to know to make an informed decision about retaining counsel, whether it is our firm or another one. Most important is that you feel comfortable with the attorney that is representing you, and your attorney is competent and experienced to defend you.

You will find links to some of the more popular debt defense cases that our firm represents the general public in Court. Please feel free to review the content under those categories. However, even if you do not fall within that category, it does not mean we cannot assist you and defend you in litigation, as our attorneys are experienced in all forms of defense civil litigation.

Contact SEM Law Group now for a free consultation for debt or litigation defense. The best defense is a good offense, and it all starts with finding competent counsel to defend you in Court.