Weird Laws in Florida

Some laws vary from state to state. No wonder the legal system is so complex. What’s legal in one state may be completely illegal in another, and the Sunshine State has some strange laws on the books. Have you broken any lately? Check out the 10 weirdest laws in Florida that make you wonder what incidents prompted their creation.

1. Beware of Orange Laws

Got a surplus of oranges? Beware of special laws in Miami Beach that prohibit selling them on the sidewalk! 

2. There Remain Antiquated Laws Geared At Women.

Women’s rights fell short, and there are still laws on the books making it illegal for unmarried women to parachute from a plane on Sunday. But, it’s okay as long as you’re blissfully wed. And if you’re unwed, the other days are fair game. Also, women who fall asleep under hair dryers may be subject to fines!

3. Don’t Even Think About Treats at the Cemetery!

It’s hot, but you won’t find ice cream or other treats for sale in the cemetery. It is illegal for ice cream sellers to vend their goods here. 

4. Speaking of Cemeteries…

It is illegal to drive on gravesites. Parking on them is a no-no as well. This one may not be an odd law, but it should go without saying.

5. Watch How You’re Attired When You Sing!

If you’re singing while wearing a swimsuit, you’re breaking the law!

6. This Barrel Law Is Bizarre!

In Pensacola, it is illegal to roll a barrel down the street. 

7. Bobsledding In Florida? Beware.

Not sure how you’d sled in such a warm climate, but bobsledding itself is perfectly legal. However, if you’re in Palm Bay, it’s illegal to bobsled behind a bicycle.

8. Thinking of Taking Your Neighbor’s Horse on a Joy Ride?

Think again! Horse theft is still punishable by hanging. 

9. Are You Licensed to Ride?

Thinking of taking up skateboarding? In the Sunshine State, it’s illegal to ride a skateboard without a license. 

10. Weirdest Laws In Florida With Regards to Animals Don’t Disappoint!

Animal imitation is illegal in Florida! And if you’re parking your elephant, you must still feed the parking meter.

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