Those wonderful plastic cards; they make spending money a breeze. *Swipe* Credit Card Accepted! You’re off and running errands on a beautiful Florida day, no cash, no worries! *Swipe* Credit card to save the day. Spouse was laid off of work. *Swipe* Your credit card was used to buy groceries for the month.

What if this hypothetical is similar to your situation…

The credit card was used to ensure your family could make ends meet. Your family continues to make ends meet but no longer use a credit card to further the debt. Due to financial instability, the choice between paying a credit card bill and stocking the cupboard shelves is a “no brainier”. You’re going to buy groceries. Your financial situation doesn’t improve, and then the phone calls become ignored, and mail piles up. Before you know it, you’re being sued for defaulting on your credit card debt.

Your first reaction is likely an overreaction. Perhaps, you’re still in this mode and is why you’ve set out to seek a credit card defense attorney. It’s good be in a proactive mode now. The summons (the paperwork you received from the process server) will tell you that you need to “Answer”.

Answering the summons is not simply stating that you are agreeing or disagreeing. An Answer is your written document that outlines your defenses against the accusations made in the complaint against you. This is where we can help you with your Florida credit card defense case.

Creditors have several thousands of account with many of their accounts going sour and requiring them to sell off loans from one credit collector to another and another. Eventually, your original loan has changed hands several times. Due to the enormity of cases and accounts many times the creditors assume they have handled everything to sue you legally over the credit card debt. Fortunately, for you, this many times isn’t the case and you have legal protections.

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