Slip and Fall Injury in Boca Raton

Slip and fall injuries are quite common, occurring from wet surfaces, poor construction, defective walkways, and other causes. In fact, more than one million people every year visit the ER due to injured sustained in this type of accident. While you might not think you need a lawyer after being injured due to someone else’s negligence because you’ve been offered a settlement, it’s in your best interest to hire representation. After a slip and fall injury in Boca Raton, it doesn’t cost you anything to book a free consultation with an injury attorney to see how they can help.

So, Do I Need an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Injury in Boca Raton?

Yes, here are three reasons why:

  1. A personal injury (PI) attorney makes sure the insurance company of the liable party knows you’re serious. Without legal representation, they’re likely to offer you the lowest possible amount, even though your case would be worth much more. When you let them know you have an attorney, they’ll know you’re on an even playing field and that you won’t be taken advantage of with a lowball settlement offer.
  2. They can help you build your case. Your PI lawyer will let you know what evidence you need to collect in order to maximize compensation, which may include things you wouldn’t have thought to include or may not have access to otherwise, such as CCTV footage.
  3. A personal injury lawyer ensures you receive the maximum amount to which you’re entitled. While the initial offer may seem like it compensates you for all damages you’ve incurred, it may not actually be enough. An experienced PI lawyer has inside knowledge on the types of damages for which you should be compensated, as well as other key information that may make your case worth more, such as the likelihood of you facing future medical expenses from your injury.

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Don’t accept an offer after your slip and fall injury in Boca Raton without an attorney. Let us review your case free of charge to let you know just how much you can benefit from putting us to work on your side!

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