Next Tuesday we all should exercise our civil duties as US citizens and cast our vote in the general election. Our general election is the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. This is not to be confused as the first Tuesday of November as the first Tuesday could be the first day of the month, and the general election will not occur on that day. The earliest day the US general election can take place is on November 2nd, additionally, the last day it can occur is November 8th.

If you’re not registered to vote, you are unfortunately out of luck to become registered in time for this general election. Although, that should not detour you from registering today! Be prepared for next year, or any special election that may arise. If you’re not sure if your status, or where your polling place here in Florida may be click here. You will be able to find your polling place address and your current status as a registered voter in the state of Florida.

Also, now would be a great time to plan ahead to make sure you will have enough time to vote on Tuesday. Florida does not require an employer provide time off to go and vote. Your local municipality may have a law that requires your employer to provide time to go and vote. Check your local laws if there is such an ordinance. You most likely will need to plan ahead and vote early in the morning or after work. Typically the polls are open from 7 am until 7 pm.
Don’t forget your ID! Here are the following accepted forms of Photo ID when going to vote:

Florida driver’s license

Florida identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

United States passport

Debit or credit card

Military identification

Student identification

Retirement center identification

Neighborhood association identification

Public assistance identification

If your ID does not have your signature, you will be asked to provide an alternative form that includes a signature. If you do not have a form of Photo ID that contains your signature, you will be given a provisional ballot. Your provisional ballot will be counted provided that your signature matches your voter registration application.

Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us! Have a great November!