The popularity of frying a turkey continuing to rise each Thanksgiving we at SEM Law Group-Law want to lend a helping hand to our clients and friends to remain safe this Thanksgiving as we are thankful that we can continue to serve you and the South Florida area.

The reason why frying a turkey is dangerous is due to the open flame and extremely hot oil. The oil is a highly combustible liquid to which usually being heated by an open flame that is being fed by a nearby propane tank.  When saying it out loud, it sounds like a crazed mad scientist experiment gone bad. None the less, when done correctly, produces excellent turkey. 

Take these few preventive steps, and you will be on your way to having a great Thanksgiving feast!

1. Set Up Outside

Set up outside to prevent the contact with anything flammable within the house. When outside find the area that has the greatest radius from the frying station that is free of obstruction and objects that may easily catch fire.

2. Completely defrost the Turkey

A general rule is 24 hours for every 4-5 pounds in the refrigerator. The reason is water will boil out and take part of the oil out of the pot.

3.Measure the Oil Level

This common mistake is a critical step to take.  Put your turkey in the pot and fill it up with water until the turkey is completely covered. take it out, and let all water drain back into the pot. Mark the water level. This will be the level you will fill up to with oil. Before doing so, ensure both the turkey and pot are completely dry.

4. 350° is The Best Temperature

350 is the best temperature to fry your turkey, if you go higher in temperature  you risk reaching the temperature point where the oil can cause a spontaneously combustion. Don’t drop in the Turkey!

Have close a chemical fire extinguisher in case of fire. It’s worth noting to never use water if a fire should break, the oil is a liquid and the water will not aid in extinguishing the fire.  Also, if you are searching for a UL listed turkey fryer, you will need not be successful. The UL has deemed all current designed turkey fries as too dangerous to approve.

As the Holiday Season begins, we want everyone to stay safe and save a bit of turkey for us! Life life and leave the legal stuff to us.