How to fight a traffic ticket in South Florida

Every day you commute to work and then you see all the people zooming on by you as you maintain the speed limit. Then you work up the courage to say, yes me too, as you accelerate.  Not but five minutes later you find yourself in front of the red and blue flashing lights. Now you have a speeding ticket! Bummer! It’s ok, lucky for you, you have an experienced traffic attorney that will help you fight a traffic ticket in South Florida.

We at SEM Law Group Law want to ensure that everyone will be safe on the roads! We want to also help those in need during stressful times in their lives. That’s why we want to provide tips on how to fight a traffic ticket in South Florida.

We have created a simplified top ten list of tips that will help to fight a traffic ticket in South Florida.

  1. When being pulled over remember the three C’s: Cooperative, Courteous, and Considerate. The officer may take note of this on your traffic ticket, which may help lessen the severity determined by the police officer.
  2. While in the car waiting for the Police Officer, start taking notes, or mental notes of the citation incident. The more information that can be recalled the better!
  3. Never admit to being guilty!
  4. Listen to exactly what the Officer is telling you, there may be clues into a mistake that has been made on the part of the Officer.
  5. Check the ticket, over and over again. Find any discrepancies on the ticket versus the actual incident.
  6. Is the ticket worth the time and effort to fight? This will tie in closely with our next couple of tips on how to fight a traffic ticket in south Florida.
  7. Consider traffic school.  Many times this will allow the charges to be completely dismissed or greatly reduced.
  8. Call an experienced traffic attorney in the South Florida area.
  9. Provide all relevant information to the traffic attorney. Also, be helpful to any questions that may arise during the process of fighting your ticket, they want help you!
  10. Relax! Live life and leave the legal stuff to us!

Fighting a traffic ticket in South Florida doesn’t have to be stressful or life changing. It is simply a fact of living in our modern world. Luckily, you have a partner on your side with us at SEM Law Group Law. We have a great staff that is ready to take on any challenge that you can throw their way.  When considering whether or not to fight a traffic ticket in South Florida, you can skip to tip eight on our list, and call us, we will point you in the right direction!