Locating a criminal defense lawyer, also known as a defense attorney, is not something most people place on the top of their list.  Finding a criminal defense lawyer is an inundating task.  Besides the high volume of Google inquires served when looking for a criminal defense attorney, one question begs to be asked, where do I start?

At this point we can assume that either you or someone you know has a run in with the law and now is seeking help with a potential criminal trial. Thankfully, you’re on the right track. Searching out potential defense lawyers is a great start.  Referrals are a great way to find your potential lawyer as they are recommendations from someone you trust. Still, you will want to search out the referral given to ensure that criminal lawyer is a good fit for your case.

After you have researched your potential attorney the next step should be to meet with your soon to be lawyer. This will give you a chance to consult with your attorney, be sure to check if your potential lawyer provides free consultation. We at SEM Law Group-Law do offer free consultation so we can understand your case.  During this meeting you will be able to gauge the experience your criminal defense attorney has gained through practice.  The attorney shouldn’t be the only person asking questions during this meeting. You should ask provocative questions such as: How many of your cases have gone to trial, or how many years of experience for criminal defense do you have?

We would not recommend leaving your case to a public defender. While public defenders many times are generally happy and passionate about their work, that isn’t the problem with a public defender. A public defender many times has several hundred cases they must juggle between. Due to this he or she is unable to afford the proper amount of time for each individual case. While you may be innocent the public defender may be unable to argue your case successfully due to the lack of time to devote to your case.

We at SEM Law Group Law want to help you with any legal question you may have. Let us know we always offer free consultation and can be easily found in Boca Raton. Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us.