We’re on the largest search engine’s social network! We’ve made our mark on Google Plus. We want you to join our growing and thriving community.

Google Plus has changed immensely since it’s launch back in the fall of 2011. Google describes Google Plus as a social layer to the internet. This is why we have decided to participate on the platform.  Simplicity. You like most of the internet world use Google for searching. You also likely use G-Mail for communication and later in the day hop onto Youtube to watch some cat videos. 

The best part of being on Google plus is the ease of information retrieval. Many times when we’re in a rush we don’t have time nor think about how to quickly obtain phone numbers or addresses. Now that we’re plugged into Google Plus you can search for us in google and find our phone number or address in a quick pinch. Also, when you leave us a review on Google Plus it will help others make a well informed decision about our firm.

We’d love to be apart of your circles. Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us!