I have been a customer of Legalmatch for the better part of the last 4 years.  Being a managing partner at a law firm in South Florida is a very difficult prospect and career due greatly over the massive saturation of attorneys practicing in South Florida.  I am a small-midsize firm with under 10 attorneys with locations in three states, but have served over 6000 clients in my thirteen year management of the firm.  One aspect of Florida distinctive from the other states where our firm maintains offices is the difficulty in generating business simply by nature of your existance. Our other offices outside of Florida get calls simply because we have an address, whereas, Florida, you can be on fifty paysites and still not receive a single call outside your organic business and growht. Sure, organic growth through ordinary practice occurs, but Florida inherently poses a very difficult obstacle to exponential growth, competition, good or bad for that matter.  And there are a lot of starving attorneys and failing firms.
Find a Lawyer with LegalMatch
Our firm and attorneys have the best reviews online, and we have earned them through our practice and strides… we get results.  However, finding exposure, particularly for business litigation is difficult, even more so now than five or ten years ago.  I found legalmatch.com about 4 years ago and had some interest, but was also very apprehensive knowing that most marketing through third parties performed unnamed to your firm removes any branding to your firm’s name.  So, the question always becomes, why spend the money to build another company’s name rather than your own?  Well, I was happy I took that leap of faith and contracted for the business litigation leads all despite the branding shortfall in the marketing dollar.  Not only did they hold my hand through the contract process, but I have had an attentive account manager that checks in regular with our firm constantly ensuring our experience is productive and fruitful.
When it comes to the Legalmatch.com service, our firm has been one of maybe four or five firms exclusive to a great geographical area of Florida that while not too grand in scope pushing your firm out of the running for new business due to geographical disparity with prospective clients, the area is large enough to generate the volume of leads to make the investment worthwhile allowing you to “pick and choose” what you who to respond to for potential services.  Despite most similar marketing ventures falling flat on their face with false promises of great results, and ones infinitely more expensive than legalmatch.com, I was pleasantly surprised over not only the volume of leads, but the substance of the leads I was receiving.  It is surprising how many businesses posted for attorneys rather than going with the, “name you know” through branding marketing efforts.  Businesses that were successful, could afford attorneys, and had real problems requiring legal counsel.  Our firm is not starving, so we are not a “take whatever comes through the door”, and Legalmatch.com produces the level of clients that we are interested in assisting because their legal investment would not outweigh their business loss or risk. Those are the types of clients that everyone wants, but are impossible to source or find.
If I said that Legalmatch.com wasn’t partially responsible for the significant growth over the past four years of my firm’s commercial division I would be flat out lying, and I am a lawyer, not a liar.  At the same time I know that if I buy an apple for three dollars, I cannot make money by selling it for a dollar, and every marketing avenue is a business expense.  I can attest that Legalmatch.com not only works, but also is a very cost effective service.  Moreover, it not only works for the firm, but for those individuals seeking a lawfirm’s services.  It is essentially what Avvo.com could have been, which happens to be the largest legal Q&A website in the world, but only for window shopping, as in smell but don’t taste, because on Avvo.com you can answer questions, but you cannot offer services because then that violates their T&C.  Understandably, Avvo.com places these controls so they can maintain a professional venue for people to get legal answers, not legal solicitations, and posts are open for anyone to see necesitating some confidentiality to avoid waiver.  Avvo.com works and is successful using their formula, and there are none like it on the web.
Well, in that same manner but with a different formula in effort to maintain confidentiality of the party posting for legal service, like Avvo.com who has been around forever and a day, Legalmatch.com works with its own formula that actually matches people to attorneys. Quick, painless and simple.  I have gone from one contract with Avvo.com for commercial leads to four contracts spreading across various areas of law.  Every single day I receive leads… that is right, every single day.  It is just up to the firm to respond and follow up to help each prospective client.  Most importantly, we are not competing with fifty other firms for the same information.  It is reasonably exclusive in count based on the total geographical area of leads.  What does that amount to in business, because leads are not dollars?  We sign at least five new clients every month from our commercial leads alone, and mostly because of our selective nature in responding to leads.  Most importantly, this is the only avenue of marketing that has garnered results that significantly outweigh the cost.
Spending money to make money they say is the only formula that makes businesses work, in addition to hard work and producing results.  Well, choosing where to spend your money is the most difficult aspect of running a business.  And like every other business out there, marketing companies want your money as much as you want to make money.  If you are an attorney, you want new clients, that is your breadline, and you want clients who do not risk further loss just by paying you making you an even worse business decision regardless of the results.  Legalmatch.com is reasonably priced, and has consistently produced for our firm, and with those two statements, you can never choose poorly by giving it a shot.