What happens if my dog was bitten by another dog?  Liability will depend if the owner was negligent or in violation of a law.

Negligence is always difficult to prove, but there are always key factors to keep in mind when trying to prove negligence. For

dog biteexample if the owner has a dog that tends to attack others or other dogs, it would be unreasonable to bring that dog to a dog park where the dog could bite another dog. That is when there is a case for negligence on the part of the dog that had bitten your dog.

Another situation to consider is if the owner was in violation of the law during the incident. If their dog was not on a leash and the law is clear that the animal should be on a leash then the owner is responsible. Perhaps you were in an area where the ordinance requires the owner of the other dog is responsible for any damages regardless of negligence.  That is very simple and easy to consider and prove consult us on how to take care of your dog when it has been bitten by another dog.

You should only be considering the best when worrying about our furry friends but we must also be responsible owners. When a dog bites another dog unfortunately the responsibility does fall upon the owner of the dog who made the damage. We always believe in being the voice of information for you. If you have any questions we want you to call us today. We want you to live life and leave the legal stuff to us!