If you find yourself in a situation where you need to collect disability, chances are you already stressed enough. The last thing you need to deal with is the hassle of figuring out how to collect, let alone the potential of being denied, your benefits from the social security administration. Hiring a lawyer to assist you in this difficult time is certain to put your mind at greater ease and ensure a positive outcome.

Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

People who have worked and steadily contributed to social security through their employment years should qualify for benefits if they become disabled. The social security administration (SSA) defines disability as a medical condition that prevents a person from accomplishing the employment tasks that they were previously able to do. The person is expected to need a minimum of a year for recovery.

However, even though they have a definition of disability, it can still be a fight to get the benefits you’re entitled to. Here is why you should hire a lawyer specializing in social security disability benefits.

A Social Security Lawyer Will Assist in Navigating the Disability Application Process

Applying for disability benefits can be tedious and confusing. Your lawyer will walk you through the online or in-person application process and answer your questions regarding the laws surrounding your case. This professional support will benefit your application and ensure that you complete the process correctly the first time.

A Social Security Disability Lawyer Acts as a Liaison Between You and the Social Security Administration

While you are busy attempting to care for and recuperate from your disability, your lawyer will advocate for you to the SSA. Through multiple phone calls, tedious paperwork, and scheduled meetings or court dates, your lawyer will be the sole communicator with the SSA in securing your disability benefits. This keeps interactions professional and provides a higher success rate for your needs to be met.

A Disability Attorney Can Appeal Disability Benefit Denials and Advocate for Better Compensation

If you have worked with a lawyer throughout the application process, your chances of being denied disability benefits are low. However, in some situations, a denial may occur. In this case, your lawyer can appeal the SSA’s decision. In cases where you receive less compensation than you believe to be fair, your lawyer will advocate on your behalf for additional financial support.

When you are faced with such a trying time in life, attempting to complete every added task on your own just adds more stress. Let our social security lawyers in Boca Raton in assist you through every step of your physical and financial recovery. You won’t regret handing this burdensome task over to a professional.