New Goals, New You, Old Job

The 2012 is out, 2013 is all the rage! We’re making goals making plans how to better ourselves and usually that starts with the place that we spend most of our time. The Workplace.

You’re all revved up to tell Mr. Joe Boss that  you’ve had enough of being pushed around and that you’re not going to be a door mat any longer.  Although, tread lightly, even though our great nation has protection of speech, if you work for a private sector employer you’re not afforded the same rights. Many people get fired because they learn the hard way that speaking out to your boss will result in receiving a pink slip. Although, really, the first step in protecting yourself in the work place starts when you’re being hired.  Ensure that you fully read each document your are signing. Many employers have added in non-compete agreements that may prevent you from working in your chosen industry if you should choose to leave or are fired.

One other sensitive area is overtime. Employees automatically think that if they are salaried that they are not entitled to overtime. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s true some employees may be exempt from receiving overtime, but many are still entitled to being paid overtime while still being a salaried employee.

One last piece of advise we’d like to share is beware of social media. It’s a great tool for communication, but can land us in hot water when used to vent about work. It’s best to keep those opinions private and offline.

If you have any questions about your work situation, we’d be more than happy to help clarify anything that may not be clear. You do have lots of rights as an employee you just need to be sure how to properly make use of them.