Rocket Docket Legislation, Florida HB 87 Signed into Law

Florida HB 87 has been signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. Now what does that mean? If the foreclosure has been filed long ago, it is unaffected by these changes. If the foreclosure has been filed on June 7th or later, it is subject to this new law.

This new law is called “Rocket Docket” legislation. This term is commonly referred to a special part of the court system designed to speed through cases in the courts. While this at times rocket docket systems can help clear out a back log of cases tying up the courts. This is only when the laws are thought out to help people.

Again, this law places great strain on homeowners for proof of mortgage. This new law makes it imperative for homeowners to retain a lawyer to build a case against the banks. The court accepts the paper work the bank files simply as fact while the homeowner must prove the mortgage within 20 days.

Florida HB 87 has given banks a fast track and an easy way to have these foreclosures granted in their favor. While the bill was designed to protect homeowners, but homeowners now under this bill must act quickly or risk losing rights in the foreclosure process.

If you are currently in a foreclosure, or about to be, call us for protection. With the new Florida HB 87 now signed into law; you cannot afford much time. Call us in our Boca Raton office today for help!