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Welcome to the SEM Law Group-Law Blog!  In here you will find information and blogs from attorneys working at the firm.  SEM Law Group, Attorneys at Law, with its main office located in Broward CountyPompano Beach, Florida, is a South Florida law firm providing services in a broad spectrum of legal areas from Traffic Defense toPersonal Injury to Business and Commercial Collection and Litigation, and much more, maintaining a database of thousands of clients predominantly in the South Florida area. The firm maintains a multitude of attorneys that concentrate in the various fields of practice as informed on our websites,www.ks-law.com and www.kscorporatelaw.com.   This blog has been constructed to provide information from that traffic and inquiries driven through social media networks, information contained on this page is about our firm and its services, including what is provided in the FAQs to assist people in understanding certain elements of every day necessities such as, insurance coverage, traffic tickets, and similar.  The information contained below is subject to the disclaimer and should not be construed as legal advice, but rather a forum to introduce general information about certain areas of our practice.  Each blog content is in the form of an FAQ, and contains valuable information that you may not be aware of, and may assist you in understanding certain aspects of operating automobiles, traffic tickets, and similar.   We appreciate your interest in our FAQ, blog, and social network presences, which you can find us on FaceBook and drop us a line on Twitter, @ksattorneys.  Please feel free to contribute your input as comments for the content below.  However, please note that the below information is subject to our disclaimer found on our blog, and should not be construed as legal advice; moreover, we will not be able to provide you with any legal advice on this blog, and you should contact our firm at (954) 956-7676 or by submitting a form from our website, www.ks-law.com should you require any legal assistance.  Thank you for your time, review and contributions.