Why Can’t I Pay the Ticket that is Marked, Criminal Violation, Appearance Required?

Traffic citations also act under Florida law as an arrest. When you receive a ticket that is checked, Criminal Violation, that means that you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony traffic charges. Rather than a civil infraction, this is considered a criminal charge. This requires that you attend Court and argue your case before a Judge with the State represented by the State’s Attorney Office. These charges have jail time associated depending upon the degree of the criminal charge. It is very important that you have legal counsel to assist you in the defense of these charges, as they could lead to jail time, and may also leave a criminal mark on your record, which will show for a period of 75 years. SEM Law Group has represented thousands of people for these charges, which include, but not limit, driving with a suspended license with knowledge, operating without a valid license, operating with an expired license, and many others.