Commonly asked Florida Headlight and Brake-light questions

Have you stopped to consider all of the lights that your car has? Most, if not all of those lights are intended to keep you and others around you safe while on the road.  We at SEM Law Group Law wanted to tackle some frequently ask questions regarding your vehicle driving lights.

Is there a set time that I’m required to have my headlights on?

According to Florida law headlights must be on from Dusk  to Dawn.  These times change throughout the year due to the change in seasons, a good rule of thumb is to always have your lights on when driving to and from work.

Q. Is it true if my windshield wipers are on that I’m required to have my headlights on?

Yes, that is 100% true! Also any driving condition of rain, mist, or fog  requires that your headlights be on.

Q. If I flash my lights to warn oncoming traffic of a speed trap, is that illegal?

No,  the law is regarding the flashing of after market emergency lights. Not to communicate a message via your headlights.

Q. Can I have tinting on my lights?

Currently there are not any state statues that explicitly outlaw tinting on your car lights.  These are the requirements for visibility of your lights:

Dimmed (low-beam) headlights which show objects 150 feet ahead.

Two red taillights mounted on the rear, visible from 1,000 feet.

A white light that makes the license plate visible from 50 feet

Two red stoplights. They must be seen from 300 feet in the daytime, and must come on when the foot brake is pressed.

Q. Am I suppose to turn on my hazard lights if it starts raining really hard?

No! It is illegal to drive with your hazard lights on in Florida. If you feel that driving conditions have become hazardous due to rain, cautiously, pull off the road, and park your car where it is appropriate. When you feel that driving conditions have improved safely merge back onto the road.

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