Florida has a lot to be proud of and hold our collective heads high in the air. Our Florida home has the most ocean coastline of any of the continental US states. Our average winter temperature is an extremely pleasant and temperate 68.5 degrees. Due to all these perks of the state around 1,000 people make Florida their permeant home. Although, there is a number one spot we would like to relinquish, we are number one for foreclosures.

RealtyTrac has released their latest number and the results show Florida Foreclosure rates outpace all states again. Also, out of the top ten metro areas for foreclosure nine cities in Florida are on the list. Here in South Florida one out of 328 residences is experiencing a foreclosure. If you are one of our fellow South Florida residence we want to provide foreclosure defense.

One reason why our Foreclosure woes seem to be never ending is because Florida is still bogged down from previously filed foreclosures. The enormity of the amount of foreclosures continues to paralyze our legal system. When our legal system is at peak performance, a foreclosure timeline is approximately 120 days. The current average for a Florida Foreclosure is 1,095 days.

Fortunately, we have an experienced team on hand that will defend your foreclosure case. Banks have been proven numerous times to use improper tactics to foreclose on homeowners. Your Bank has hired a lawyer, you should have someone who can provide quality Florida foreclosure defense. Foreclosure is difficult, especially if you are attempting to manage everything yourself. We want to help! Our consultations are always free.

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