Saftey Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween in South Florida

Halloween is supposed to be scary, but only when the danger turns out to be a spectacle. On Halloween children take to our neighborhoods to trick and receive treats. This has been an American tradition since the Scottish and Irish American immigrants assimilated to the American culture in late 19th to early 20th Century.

Here are some truly scary facts about Halloween. Approximately 12% of children ages five and under are allowed to trick-or-treat alone. This is not recommended in the least. It is highly recommended that children 12 and under be accompanied with an adult. On average twice as many children pedestrians are killed on Halloween compared to any other night of the year! Also check out more about pedestrian safety here. Accompanying your children while trick-or-treating will help to lower that average.

What will help the most? Talking to your children, it’s that simple! Only 1/3 of parents talk to their children annually about the dangers of Halloween, although a whopping 3/4 of parents have concerns about their child and Halloween night. Having a costume that fits is a big step for remaining safe on Halloween. Sometimes costumes, due to their nature, are made with dark materials it is always best to choose a costume that will be highly visible. Additionally, only 18% of parents add reflective tape to their children’s Halloween costume.

Always check over your children’s candy before allowing them to gorge themselves. While you may feel you live in a safe neighborhood, you honestly never know what could be happening behind closed doors. As a precaution check through your children’s candy first for any foreign object, then for your favorites!
Have a safe and great Halloween!